My First Shower!

No no... not "SHOWER"... wedding shower! :)

I realized how that title sounded once I typed it... that would be gross.

This past weekend we had my first wedding shower at Brice's parents house in Georgia. I was a little nervous at first because I hate attention being on myself, I get shy. Especially since I didn't know everyone yet. And some I had only met once! Brice's family is HUGE. By huge I mean, Thanksgiving is over 100 people... I mean really.

Look at how precious this cake is!

Brice hung out for a bit before dipping out to go hang with the boys!

With my mom and grandma

With my future mother in law and 3 sisters!!

Please look at this quilt that Brice's Aunt Pam MADE for us! Amazing! Can't wait to snuggle up in it!

Cross stitch my grandma made for us! It says "Marriage is like a small garden. It takes a lot of love and a little work each day" I love it!

Love this "Our Story" magnetic board Shea got us. Such a cute idea! You put these little magnets on it and you can also put pictures on it as well. There are all sorts of themes, google "embellish your story" and you will see what I mean!

One of my first monogrammed items with an "S" :) Towels!

Ok last but not least... Adda & her one ear! hahaha Allison's dog lifts one ear up and I think it's hysterical!

On another note... who saw Carrie's World Premiere of her music video "Good Girl" on Entertainment Tonight last night?? This girl did... and I'm obsessed. Carrie is just so perfect!

Ok I can't seem to get anything to embed and it is SO frustrating... go HERE to view her new video!

This is one of the busiest weeks of my life... I lie, the rest of the month is extremely busy! So I apologize if I only do one blog a week... trying to squeeze them in when I can!


  1. Love your Lilly dress! Looks like you got lots of fun things!

  2. Looks like it was a great time! The cake is gorgeous!

  3. Fun! I get the same way when all of the attention is on me..makes me so nervous!

  4. New follower and fellow bride-to-be!! Yay for your first shower!! Our's is in a few weeks!! I'm so excited for our first monagramed things as well!!

    Ashlee @ http://champagnelifestyleonateachersbudget.blogspot.com

  5. Love that cake and you look beautiful in that Lilly dress! I was a ZTA with Jaime and I sell Lilly at my store Sugar in Greenwood, SC! We've got some great clearance items on our website, just FYI, if you wanna look. www.scsugar.com I usually don't go around commenting and advertising my store but you love Lilly, as I do, and know you have showers coming up so I'd love for you to take advantage of some of the savings. Plus, I need to make room in the store :) Congrats again!

  6. Hi Brooke! I am a new follower and loving the blog. Your shower looked so fun! I was a bride-to-be at this time last year, and looking at your pics bring back some wonderful memories of my own wedding showers! Enjoy this time, as it will fly by:)PS: How in the name of heaven did you get your hair into that adorable up-do? Love it!

  7. What a great shower & gifts!!


  8. I literally LOL-ed when I saw the dog and her one ear -- that is hilarious!! I love the cake!

  9. You are so pretty! I can't wait to see you as a bride:) Enjoy all the planning:)

  10. What a fabulous shower! Love the Lilly dress!

  11. You are going to make such a STUNNING bride.

  12. Fun! I love, love the cake! And of course, the Lilly dress! I have one almost just like it. I wore lots of Lilly dresses for my showers and wedding events. :)

  13. BROOKE! Your hair is amazing in these photos! LOVE IT! But you look amazing all the time! So excited for you to be getting married soon!

  14. bahah your so cute! what thoughtful gifts! looks beautiful

  15. love that cake and y'all are a gorgeous couple!

  16. absolutely LOVE your dress and how adorable is that cake! xo