Summer.... where are youu??

I don't know about y'all but I am seriously ready for some steady warm and sunny weather. Oh, and along with that a TAN. Wow, I am so white right now! Even with a little self tanner help I'm still gross. It's just not the same as a glowing bronze tan that is REAL.

Pinterest doesn't help either... all of these tiny, tan, girls in their super cute little summery clothes - ughhhhhh.

I forgot about What I'm Loving Wednesday, but what the heck, we'll be a day late!

Coral & Navy... love this color combo, actually thought about it for my wedding.
Love these Lilly tunics... or any bright tunics with white shorts for that matter. Ahhhh white shorts I cannot wait to wear you!

There's those white shorts again... love w/ the gold.

Seriously, must have romper.

Yellow & Aqua makes me happy! Yellow makes me feel like a little ray of sunshine :)

I like to imagine myself wearing one of these little items,

whilst drinking one of these

Had something a little similar this past weekend... Mt. Pleasant people, Rio Grande in Belle Hall may just be my fav mexican restaurant because of this puppy

The Margarona. amaze.

Brice booked our honeymoon last night... SO EXCITED. I cannot even stand it. I just keep going back to the web site and looking at pictures and picturing myself at such places as the swim up bar drinking a fruity bev, or eating my weight in sushi... ahhh the life!

I've already started my "honeymoon" Pinterest board. A few items of interest...

clearly I love the maxi.

Love this little cover up!

Another update... we've decided to rent a place for a year and save $$ instead of buying a home right away. I was definitely a little upset but I think we will be happy we made that decision in the long run. It also takes a little stress off for the wedding.

Wedding shower numero uno this weekend! Pics to come next week! :)


  1. Ohhhh, I love the coral and navy look! So summery!

  2. Coral and navy make such a great combination! I love that blazer paired with those shorts!

  3. All the styles for this spring are so adorable! I just want to shop non-stop for all of it!

  4. I love those coral shorts. It should really be summertime year round!

  5. New follower! I absolutely love your blog. I too am obsessed with navy, coral and gold.


  6. Congrats on booking your honeymoon! I'm loving those coral shorts - I think I may have to pick some up for Summer.


  7. I am so ready for summer.. and some yummy margaritas! Love the first look and that white romper is to die for! xo


  8. Hey!

    Totally random and unrelated to this post, but I saw this Auburn cake on Pinterest and thought it was such a cute idea for a groom's cake - and then I remembered your man is an Auburn alum and thought I'd pass it along: http://pinterest.com/pin/202310208230817421/

  9. its already beautiful here in NYC and I clearly need all of these dresses!!