One Week From Today!!!

It's finally HERE!! (almost)

Carrie's album, "Blown Away" will be in stores next Tuesday, May 1.

Who's excited??? Who's pre ordering it on iTunes and who is buying a CD?

As much as I WANT to pre order on iTunes, Carrie is on of those that I just have to purchase the actual CD and upload it to my iTunes. I have so much fun flipping through the little book... I'm such a nerd, I know.

But I just love me some CARRIE!


My Bachelorette Party Weekend! (#BBW2K12)

This past weekend was one of the best weekends ever! It was my bachelorette party in Wrightsville Beach, NC. We had SO SO much fun! It's always fun when you have a weekend away with the girls, regardless if it's all about you or not... but when it is, it's just a teeny weeny more fun! :)

Jenny & I booked it up the coast after we saw Kira & Amanda post this pic on Facebook...

Knowing that we still had 3 hours before we were also partaking in this was pure torture!

We finally made it in time for this little sunset... 

I don't think it gets much better than sitting out on the porch by the Intracoastal drinking wine with friends... perfection!

Please look at these adorable cookies!! I am in love!

These watermelon shots (also super cute) eventually happened...

Which led to this...

and then this...

"help me, I'm poor!"

In case you didn't get it... watch Bridesmaids. Hysterical!

And then the "no teeth smile"... we like to think of Mary Kate & Ashley type "smiles" here. Though we made a horrible attempt and just look like serious creepers.

Saturday morning we had an amazing brunch & mimosas!

 Saturday we went to the beach where we got a serious sunburn...

Amanda: "y'all sure you don't want some sunscreen?"
Brooke & Jenny: "no we're good, we'll put some on afterwhile"

Horrible mistake! Pictures to come.

The trend for the weekend.

Oh, I made these cute redneck wine glasses for everyone!  Each one had a Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka mini bottle in it. LOVE! We're having a firefly sweet tea/lemonade bar at the wedding so this fitted the theme perfectly! They will be served in mason jars as well! :)

Ready for the night! Pics w/ the girls!




We began with dinner at South Beach Grill

Where we had another bachelorette party at a table next to us, one of which recognized me, Amanda & Jaime b/c she reads our blogs! Hilarious and so random! I don't remember your name, I'm sorry! But it was great to meet you! :)

We went to every bar we were told to go to. I'll just post the pics, they speak for themselves.

I mean, we had to take one gangster pic.

This random frat boy and his bottle of Jack ended up being on our bus ride home... so entertaining,  great ending to the night! I'm still laughing!

It was an awesome weekend with even more awesome friends! Thank you all for making my weekend so memorable, Love all of you tons!!!


My Lemonade Stand Shower!

This weekend I had my 2nd shower that was thrown by one of my bridesmaids (and friends since we were 3) Anna Ross and her mom!

This had to be one of the CUTEST showers ever. It was lemonade theme and I had my own lemonade stand where I opened presents!

When I first walked up there was this precious wheel barrow filled with gifts!

Then on the porch were these cute jars of mix to make lemonade cookies! Everyone got to take one home as a keepsake :) I took about 5.


With my girls on my lemonade stand! You can't really see it in this pic, but the sign said "Brooke's Lemonade Stand"!!

Posing on my lemonade stand

With my mom

with my grandma

opening gifts!

Everyone sat on quilts... loved! It was like a picnic!

This coming weekend we are heading to my bachelorette party on the beach of NC! CANNOT WAIT... that is an understatement. Can't post pics yet b/c it's a surprise but I can't wait to show y'all the goodies I made them. They are so cute. I need to start a business.

Happy Tuesday!


Just a little... FYI

Just a little update...

I still have no internet. While I LOVE knowing that the tv I am watch I will not be billed for, it would be great to have internet again. Seriously hope the slackers that used to live in my condo would take the cable out of their name soon! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! (new condo # was written on a post it in my mailbox...) Seriously considering putting a nice little post it note on their door every day until they take it out of their name. BUT... don't want to step on any toes b/c they for sure know where I live.

On a lighter note... this beauty came in last week!

That would be my new washer! It's lovely counterpart (the dryer) came as well. You have no idea how happy I was to do laundry!

To make everyone's day a little happier... this is what delivered it:

omg yes, that is a scraggly rat tail. He also proceeded to use the phrases and I quote:

"okie dokie", "cool beans","easy breezy"

you're welcome for that laugh today! :)