Just a little... FYI

Just a little update...

I still have no internet. While I LOVE knowing that the tv I am watch I will not be billed for, it would be great to have internet again. Seriously hope the slackers that used to live in my condo would take the cable out of their name soon! I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! (new condo # was written on a post it in my mailbox...) Seriously considering putting a nice little post it note on their door every day until they take it out of their name. BUT... don't want to step on any toes b/c they for sure know where I live.

On a lighter note... this beauty came in last week!

That would be my new washer! It's lovely counterpart (the dryer) came as well. You have no idea how happy I was to do laundry!

To make everyone's day a little happier... this is what delivered it:

omg yes, that is a scraggly rat tail. He also proceeded to use the phrases and I quote:

"okie dokie", "cool beans","easy breezy"

you're welcome for that laugh today! :)


  1. okay....now how did you get that picture of him without him knowing it? haha

  2. Dear god! I hope you weren't alone haha. That's how I knew I had made the jump to adulthood - I was SO excited when my new washer and drier arrived :)


  3. I am happy that both machines were delivered in perfect condition without any damage. Often times the guys are put under so much time pressure, it doesn't work out as well as it did for you.

  4. I love that you were able to get a picture of him LOL! xo

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  6. HAHAHAHA! THis is incredible. I need a rat tail in my life.