One Week From Today!!!

It's finally HERE!! (almost)

Carrie's album, "Blown Away" will be in stores next Tuesday, May 1.

Who's excited??? Who's pre ordering it on iTunes and who is buying a CD?

As much as I WANT to pre order on iTunes, Carrie is on of those that I just have to purchase the actual CD and upload it to my iTunes. I have so much fun flipping through the little book... I'm such a nerd, I know.

But I just love me some CARRIE!


  1. I love her!!! I can't wait to hear her new songs!

  2. Yay!! Cannot wait!!! I definitely have to buy the cd too!

  3. she is so beautiful! and goodness, those legs!

  4. Can't wait! You can stream the new album on itunes and listen to them now!