Last day to enter the giveaway!

Sorry for being so MIA lately, but wedding season is certainly upon us and as of today my countdown is (drumroll) 44 DAYS. It will be here SO soon!

So many little details I cannot wait to share with you, AFTER the wedding is over!

But right now, just wanted to remind everyone to ender the giveaway! Today is the LAST DAY!

I will most likely post the winner on Monday, heading out of town tomorrow for... you guessed it... a wedding! Brice's sister, Allison, is getting married!!

Back to the giveaway... you can enter on this post as well as the last one. Just a reminder...

This is the painting you will receive from Bodie Houston Gallery.

To enter:

"Like" Bodie Houston Gallery on Facebook
Visit Bodie Houston Gallery on Etsy and tell me which painting is your favorite.
Follow Ashley's blog The Houston House
Leave a comment of what you want Ashley to paint next!

So, you can get up to 4 entries. Good Luck!
Sooo you may be wondering what has been going on lately other than planning my wedding?
My friend Laura got married 2 weekends ago!

How gorg is this?!

And at the end of the evening... this was necessary.

Last weekend we went to Savannah to celebrate this girls bachelorette party!

I mean seriously, how cute are these little gifts? We had pink panty dropper drinks which is why we got pink panties :)

Such an exciting summer so far... but it's going by SO fast! June 1 is tomorrow!!
I had my bridal portrait session last Monday at Boone Hall Plantation. Yes, that would be where my favorite movie "The Notebook" was filmed! This was Alli's Seabrook home.

I can't wait to share pictures with y'all!
Here is a sneak peek of the bouquet I used. My wedding day will be a larger one... but I love the flowers!

And this is what came out of my head that night... yep, they had to put in some "filler hair" b/c I have none. ha! Looks like a crime scene.

Our koozies are coming in today and invitations will be mailed out tomorrow!!! yippee!


Blog Bullies, A GIVEAWAY!, and other ramblings

First of all, bear with me as I rant. Blog Bullies... we all have them I'm sure. This isn't the first, just the first time I've felt the need to post about it. I usually just delete and move along.  Allow me to show you:

REALLY?! Didn't your parents teach you anything about being nice? Or if they didn't... didn't Thumper?? "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"

In my opinion, these people must be extremely unhappy with themselves, therefore they have to make rude comments to others to make them feel better. If you're so proud of your comment, how about posting your actual name instead of "anonymous". Clearly, you are ashamed of yourself. And you clearly don't like me so...  how about just not reading my blog? That seems to be the logical idea.

And for the record... I love my profile and wouldn't change it for the world. I'm pretty sure everyone has an ugly laugh face. I know for sure I do. And about my roots... did you even READ my post? I have had to wait for my bridal portraits so that they are fresh. I'm sure most girls want fresh highlights for their wedding portraits!? And isn't the "ombre" look in these days anyway? And I'll never go my natural color because it looks like dishwater. It wouldn't be pretty! I'll take roots anyday.

Movin right along to more important things! Like a GIVEAWAY!!

My friend Ashley of Bodie Houston Gallery has been so gracious to give away one of her gorgeous marsh paintings to one of YOU!

This is only her side job, but look how gorgeous her paintings are.

She also does some that are more abstract... love this one.

Horseshoe at USC

One lucky winner will receive the beautiful painting below!

It would look great displayed on a shelf like this!

To enter you must:
Leave a comment telling me which of these you did (separate entries)

"Like" Bodie Houston Gallery on Facebook
Visit Bodie Houston Gallery on Etsy and tell me which painting is your favorite.
Follow Ashley's blog The Houston House
Leave a comment of what you want Ashley to paint next!

So, you can get up to 4 entries.

I'll leave this open until the end of May. Winner will be announced on June 1st!

And a tiny tiny "What I'm Loving Wednesday"

First off, Brice and I bought our wedding bands on Saturday.. forgot to include that in yesterdays post!

I can't wait to wear it!

Also, loving this song at the moment. Currently on repeat, "Drunk on You" by Luke Bryan. PS. Don't judge my ipod. I know it's old.

I've also noticed it's featured on The Bachelorette, maybe next Monday's episode?? Yay!

 PS. What did y'all think of Monday's episode? I like the guy from Augusta... they're accents are cute together! :)


Yes, another wedding shower

Guess what I did this weekend???

Had another wedding shower!! I mean seriously, it's my life these days! Not that I don't love them, I do... but some people I tell are astonished when I told them I was having 5 showers. Well, I know someone that had 11! Yes, ELEVEN. Was there even anything left on the registry?!?!

This weekend was actually a couples shower, so almost more of a party than a shower. It was in Atlanta which I loved since we don't get to see those friends that often! Hopefully that will change after the wedding. Some pics...

With our moms

LOVE this... ha! Sorry Brice! I sneakily took 2 of the Auburn Tervis' off of the registry and put 2 USC ones ON! hahah I get my team too :)

boy gifts

Girl gifts...

couple gifts! Love the personalized stuff!

That night, I also found this precious photo of Brice! HA! His first little league pic... his mom had written on the back that he was upset because he had to miss morning cartoons! I'm pretty sure I need a little boy one day that looks just like this!

So cute... look at how big that hat is :)

Tomorrow is an exciting day... I have a HAIR APPOINTMENT. FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for my wedding portraits, which are Monday by the way, so my roots are about 3 inches long. AWFUL. They make me want to vom. 

Also, a GIVEAWAY will be posted tomorrow! (or Thursday. whenever I get time to write it!)

Tomorrow is hump day!!


Who is ready for MONDAY?!

Been counting down to Emily's season of The Bachelorette ever since I first heard she would be "the one". I just love her! Who is going to be watching!?!

She just always looks so perfect! Does she ever look ugly? I mean seriously.

Oh, and here is an amazing preview... LOVE that Luke Bryan plays for them, that song "Drunk on You" is my new jam... in love with it! Here is the preview:

We're heading to Atlanta for the weekend for another wedding party! I'll be on the lookout for Kim Zolciak and her wigs... I must get a picture with her one day. I bet that hair (um, wig) is so huge in person! ha! I mean really... it looks big on tv must be massive in person.

She cracks me up... who has been watching Don't be Tardy for the Wedding??? Love it. Can't wait to see this shindig. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

This past weekend we had a double whammy wedding festivity weekend! Cinco de Mayo engagement party was on Saturday and Sunday a shower! We had so much fun, and it was a blast seeing people I don't see often. One of the plus' of wedding festivities!

First of all, Kiki showed up wearing a mustache

Great music!

Great food!


Brice's Dad was able to make it!

With my parents

Brice with the ladies

We all have been friends since we were 3 (or younger!) We made this t-shirt when we had a sleepover I think when we were about 4 or 5. We named the model, Elizabeth, after the random handprint on the shirt "Elizabeth" who was probably only friends with us this one year!

Elizabeth, In all her glory (she clearly had a c-section)


With my maid &  matron!

We had such a great time drinking margaritas, listening to great music and spending time with friends! I want to do it all over again! I guess we will at the wedding in TWO MONTHS... omg!