Yes, another wedding shower

Guess what I did this weekend???

Had another wedding shower!! I mean seriously, it's my life these days! Not that I don't love them, I do... but some people I tell are astonished when I told them I was having 5 showers. Well, I know someone that had 11! Yes, ELEVEN. Was there even anything left on the registry?!?!

This weekend was actually a couples shower, so almost more of a party than a shower. It was in Atlanta which I loved since we don't get to see those friends that often! Hopefully that will change after the wedding. Some pics...

With our moms

LOVE this... ha! Sorry Brice! I sneakily took 2 of the Auburn Tervis' off of the registry and put 2 USC ones ON! hahah I get my team too :)

boy gifts

Girl gifts...

couple gifts! Love the personalized stuff!

That night, I also found this precious photo of Brice! HA! His first little league pic... his mom had written on the back that he was upset because he had to miss morning cartoons! I'm pretty sure I need a little boy one day that looks just like this!

So cute... look at how big that hat is :)

Tomorrow is an exciting day... I have a HAIR APPOINTMENT. FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for my wedding portraits, which are Monday by the way, so my roots are about 3 inches long. AWFUL. They make me want to vom. 

Also, a GIVEAWAY will be posted tomorrow! (or Thursday. whenever I get time to write it!)

Tomorrow is hump day!!


  1. I hope when my time comes I'll have a few wedding showers! How fun! I love the yellow dress you look beautiful!

  2. I feel like a horrible friend... when is the next shower? I am coming!

  3. Love the yellow dress!
    (I'm due to get my roots done as well... know the feeling.)

  4. I love your yellow dress- so pretty!


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  6. Love that yellow dress on you! Gorgeous! and oh yes, GO GAMECOCKS!!! ;)

  7. You're always so cute! Love the yellow dress! I love how you said you switched up the registry to get USC cups and not Auburn!

    P.S. That Anon comment is rediculous! Don't listen to them!

  8. y'all are adorable! I love your dress!!

  9. GORGEOUS love ya girl- ignore the blog bullies they are just JEALOUS!

  10. We registered for the same pitcher! Hope yall received great gifts and GO Gamecocks!


  11. I didn't even notice the roots on you but I know how it feels being a blonde myself I always feel like I have trailor trash roots when I can't make it to the salon! You are precious roots or not!!