WINNER & weekend happenings!

So sorry for the delay! I got so busy I didn't have a chance to post the winner yesterday. We didn't get home from Brice's sister's wedding until around 2 am Monday morning, so you can imagine how tired I was! More on the wedding later... for now, the winner of the beautiful marsh painting!!

............... and the winner is............


Miss Heather, Congratulations!! Please e-mail me - ashleybrooke83 at gmail dot com!

I have no doubt this painting will be BEAUTIFUL wherever you decide to place it!

On to Alli's wedding!

We had a casual mexican themed rehearsal dinner outside of Athens, GA at her now hubby's parents place. It was such a nice, laid back evening and the weather was PERFECT. We were actually cold! And it was June in the south... I mean really. Ridic. 

 The whole clan! Minus 3! I am going from a family of 3 to this... it's exciting!

 We both really need tans! Family vaca to Rosemary Beach in 2 weeks!!!

Future sisters! Although we already are on facebook! (doesn't that make it official?!) I thought this picture was so cute, don't remember what we were laughing about!

 Future mother in law!

Future sister #2! Who is making me seriously look like a Cullen right now.

 The precious chapel in the woods

 Please look at this carving... I mean really. It was so gorgeous!

ok, lets talk about this one....

Yes, that would be the BRIDE directing her rehearsal the DAY OF the wedding... let me rephrase, about 2 hours before the ceremony!! OMG NO... I would have been freaking out! I'm already having bad dreams that I miss my own rehearsal and don't know what to do... so, Alli... I give you mad props for this! 

Brice found a war eagle in Athens!!

 Pretty girls!

Grooms cake!

Wedding cake!

woohoo! Mr. & Mrs. Cochran!

New brothers & sisters :)

So... 39 days until our wedding... still have numerous things to do (including finally getting a tan) Monogram Shower this weekend (super excited about this!), Father's Day next weekend, Family vacation to Rosemary Beach (NEEDED), 2 more weddings and a weekend OFF. It's going to FLY by!!! 

Oh, I designed our koozies and they came in the other day... so so excited!!


  1. That place is gorgeous! and you looked super cute! How exciting that you're countdown is getting close too!

  2. That chapel is gorgeous!

    Loving the koozies - I think those are always my fave party favor!

  3. Everything and everyone is beautiful!! The koozies are adorable also! Can't wait to see all the pictures from your big day! It's so close!!

  4. I love the dress you wore to the wedding! And you can never go wrong with koozies; we did them at our wedding a year ago, and our friends still whip them out. I love it.

  5. Great photos and I love your dress for the wedding. But I must say, I'm really loving your koozies!!!