Football Season is here!! Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Football season is finally here... hello tailgating!
Last night of course was the USC vs. Vandy game... happy with the win, but not so happy with the performance. All in all though, a win is a win, I'll take it!
Today we are Atlanta bound to watch the Auburn Tigers kill the Clemson cats. hehe
Can't wait! I've had my outfit planned since last week.

So excited about FINALLY finding some lacey shorts! (Marshalls - $16)
now the question is the hair... down or up??? Such hard decisions...
Onto other things... new favorite lip combo:
L'Oreal LeGloss in Baby Blossom
Elf Matte Lip Color in Natural
NYX liner in Mauve (it's a good nude.. not too nudey gives a little more color)
The best part is they are all drugstore brands... saving $$!
Here's to a fun filled weekend, and an Auburn victory!


Happy Carrie Thursday!

Came across this video last week. If you are friends with me on Facebook you may have seen it already. This girl can honestly do no wrong... I swear every cover song she does I love even better than the original.

Happy Thursday!


Catch Ups & Wedding Previews :)

Just a little catch up! Last Friday we went to Red's Icehouse here on Shem Creek for a little birthday celebration for one of our friends. One of my favorite spots... on the water, close to home, and where Brice and I met :) aww.

Don't you hate how the iPhone looks all foggy when you take a picture (with flash) at night or in a bar?? UGH. So please excuse the white/blurry photos. If anyone has any recommendations to improve this, please let me know! Right now, Instagram helps the best :)

Saturday evening we went to Vicki & Chris' engagement party on Folly Beach, so fun! 

So I've been searching for a makeup primer that is less expensive than most that I love, but has the same effect. The solution? L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base. Love. I have seen where it has won several awards, so I was pretty confident trying it out. Totally worth the $10 and saving about $20-$25. Love saving $$$!

And, just a little wedding preview...

Hope to have more soon!! :)

Also... Football Season begins in 8 days!! Guess I need to start planning my outfit!


Catching Up aka RANDOM POST!

I feel like I'm always writing catch up posts... hopefully that shall be no more!

Just to catch y'all up on what's been goin' on since the wedding here 'tis.

One of my besties, Ashley, got married!! Let's refer to her as "Barbie"
At the reception..
 The husband and I
 All the girls with Barbie & Ken (I mean really... they seriously are)
 Barbie & Ken
 Just wobblin'...

Last weekend we attended the 94th annual PGA Championship! This was my first major tournament, I have previously gone to The Heritage but this was my first major... and you can imagine how excited I was! I got up at 5:30 am... so you KNOW I was pumped.

Even more so getting to see this guy in person... 

Well hello there Adam...

After the tournament... and MULTIPLE blisters on my feet later we went over to Bohicket Marina where Tiger's yacht was parked. I had to see this thing in person.

"Privacy" yep... where he had all of his scandalous flings. It dwarfed the other yachts. It can be yours for a mere $20 million!

 We had dinner downtown Saturday night with Brice's parents (I guess I should refer to them as my "inlaws" now!) Only to get stuck on East Bay with a flat tire... fun! At least it stopped raining long enough to change it!

We also finally got a bar/table for our new wine fridge and accessories... I LOVE!
Yesterday (Tuesday) we celebrated our little one month anniversary... time flies! It's been a great month! We made this little sign to go at our reception, and now have it in our kitchen. I had to write a sweet little message on it! 

And now you all know that my nickname is Cookie... or Brookie Cookie, The Cook, Cookie... etc.

Today Carrie was on the Today Show... of course I had to DVR it since I'd be at work. You better bet I raced home to watch it on my lunch break! Who else saw it?? I NEED that top she had on... so cute! Though I'm not surprised. Oh and her hair... amaze as always. Just always looking like perfection.

That's all for now! Heading to bed to try and read... it takes me FOREVER to read a book! Goodnight!!


Jamaican Honeymoon: Part II

I lied. I did not post the next day. Sorry but things happen!

However I am posting now! And I'm going to try my best to tackle thank you notes & blogging at the same time. A little here... a little there.

On to the second part of our honeymoon in Jamaica!

Breakfast we had delivered to us one morning!
 Soy, the sushi restaurant

 Yay for self timers!!


 Dinner at Soy

 No, we did not just pose like this... Sandals had photographers for your "complimentary photo session". They didn't tell us how expensive these photos would be! Oh well, souvenir I guess!

 Zip lining!!

Loving it!!

 Jamaican Smile... allow me.
1/2 strawberry daquri
1/2 pina colada
topped with Baileys

Last dinner at Kelly's Dockside!

Gosh I wish I was back in Jamaica again!! That was seriously the life!

Guess we will need to just plan another trip! :)


Honeymoon in Jamaica: Part I

So I'm going to have to do my honeymoon posts in two or three parts... just too many photos to share!

We decided to go to the Sandals Grand Riviera in Ocho Rios Jamaica for our honeymoon, for two reasons:

a) Our travel agent said it was her favorite
b) We figured Jamaica is a place we may only travel to once, our second choice was the Bahamas but we will for sure take (or hope to take) several trips that way over the years!

We absolutely LOVED every minute of it, only about half way through the week we decided we needed to take an all inclusive trip with friends next time!

Leaving for the airport... half asleep, but excited!
 Our room
 GORGE water!

Dinner at Reef Terrace our first night
Breakfast, Day 1
 Testing out the specialty drink of the day, Big Bamboo YUM
Hubby Pooh!
 Dinner, Night 2
 Kimonos... hibachi
It was reggae night... the "Bob Marley" drink was fitting :)
Dunns River Falls
 I met this sweet donkey named Bunny!!
 Sweet lounge chairs! Wish we had these on our SC beaches!
 The blackberry bomber... SO GOOD
Love this view!
"the husband"

 Dinner at Neptunes!
 Neptunes... it was on the beach, so nice!

That is all for now... will post the others tomorrow! OBSESSED with this place, I highly recommend this resort if you are thinking of going to one. I would totally go back in a heart beat, everyone in Jamaica is just SO NICE! 

Goodnight Mon's!