Catch Ups & Wedding Previews :)

Just a little catch up! Last Friday we went to Red's Icehouse here on Shem Creek for a little birthday celebration for one of our friends. One of my favorite spots... on the water, close to home, and where Brice and I met :) aww.

Don't you hate how the iPhone looks all foggy when you take a picture (with flash) at night or in a bar?? UGH. So please excuse the white/blurry photos. If anyone has any recommendations to improve this, please let me know! Right now, Instagram helps the best :)

Saturday evening we went to Vicki & Chris' engagement party on Folly Beach, so fun! 

So I've been searching for a makeup primer that is less expensive than most that I love, but has the same effect. The solution? L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base. Love. I have seen where it has won several awards, so I was pretty confident trying it out. Totally worth the $10 and saving about $20-$25. Love saving $$$!

And, just a little wedding preview...

Hope to have more soon!! :)

Also... Football Season begins in 8 days!! Guess I need to start planning my outfit!


  1. The preview pics are just beautiful!

  2. I love these pictures! You look absolutely beautiful!


  3. Love the previews! We will be staying in Folly Beach for my cousin's December wedding in Charleston! Looking forward to it!

  4. The reason your iPhone looks foggy when you take pictures with a flash at night is because of your case. My guess is you have a case that comes very close to your flash and so the flash reflects off of it when it goes off. It happened to me with my Kate Spade case and Lilly case. If you get one like this: http://www.valmg.com/index.php/2011/2011-holiday-gift-guide-speck-candyshell-iphone-4-case/ (notice the big opening for the flash!) it will stop happening! I know it's not as cute though :(

  5. Those pictures are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!
    Yay for football season, indeed!! :)

  6. Love the wedding previews! I can't wait to see more!