Honeymoon in Jamaica: Part I

So I'm going to have to do my honeymoon posts in two or three parts... just too many photos to share!

We decided to go to the Sandals Grand Riviera in Ocho Rios Jamaica for our honeymoon, for two reasons:

a) Our travel agent said it was her favorite
b) We figured Jamaica is a place we may only travel to once, our second choice was the Bahamas but we will for sure take (or hope to take) several trips that way over the years!

We absolutely LOVED every minute of it, only about half way through the week we decided we needed to take an all inclusive trip with friends next time!

Leaving for the airport... half asleep, but excited!
 Our room
 GORGE water!

Dinner at Reef Terrace our first night
Breakfast, Day 1
 Testing out the specialty drink of the day, Big Bamboo YUM
Hubby Pooh!
 Dinner, Night 2
 Kimonos... hibachi
It was reggae night... the "Bob Marley" drink was fitting :)
Dunns River Falls
 I met this sweet donkey named Bunny!!
 Sweet lounge chairs! Wish we had these on our SC beaches!
 The blackberry bomber... SO GOOD
Love this view!
"the husband"

 Dinner at Neptunes!
 Neptunes... it was on the beach, so nice!

That is all for now... will post the others tomorrow! OBSESSED with this place, I highly recommend this resort if you are thinking of going to one. I would totally go back in a heart beat, everyone in Jamaica is just SO NICE! 

Goodnight Mon's!


  1. I just did a few blog posts about our trip to Sandals Grande St. Lucian. Aren't Sandals resorts awesome?? To say the least. Jamaica is next on our list! We hope to go next year!

  2. omgosh your honeymoon looked fabulous!!! :)))

  3. Loved the pics! Thanks for sharing! My mouth is watering for fun drinks!!

  4. Ahh, I love this. We went to Montego Bay for our Honeymoon - and I'm SERIOUSLY missing Jamaica :)

  5. What a great honeymoon! I sure that you are enjoying married life!

  6. We went to Jamaica too and LOVED it! And we said the same thing about bringing our friends back :) So we're going next summer!

  7. Wow looks like such an amazing time and the pictures are gorgeous. xo

  8. Hello! I just found your blog and lovelove all of the pictures you post! My kind of blogger :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Ashley (your newest follower)
    The Darling Redhead

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  10. I just booked my honeymoon at the same resort! We are so excited and seeing your pictures makes me wish it would get here even faster!

    Random question- did your flat iron and/or curling iron work down there? I am trying to figure out whether I need a converter or not. Thanks!