Brooke's Birthday/Christmas Wish list!

Ok so I am sure I will be adding to this before Christmas! However, my birthday is in November so I thought I'd go ahead and get crackin on a list.
Not that I expect much at all... but I still always have a list!
I realize some of these are large/expensive items... that is why it is a WISH list. Not a "will you buy this" list.
A new pair of Seven's
I need a pair to hem to a legnth for flats.

Tablet of some sort
I have not decided if I want a Nook, Nook Color, Kindle, or Kindle Fire. Any suggestions would be very helpful! I feel like this is just easier to take books with me on the go... also, I don't have to go to the store to get a book. I can just buy it on my Nook/Kindle! I can also get library books... which is a plus since I never want to drive all the way to the library (combination of my laziness and Mt. Pleasant traffic/construction). And also... everytime I go into Barnes & Noble I just peruse the cute cases. Last night I found a gold glitter one at Marshalls.... GLITTER!!

A New Mac
My current Mac is from 2006. Got it when I graduated college. It's slowly dying and losing memory so I constantly have to back up on my external hard drive! Not to mention my Creative Suite programs run slow because of this making it harder to work on design projects. Oh, and it's too old to upgrade iTunes, therefore I cannot sync my iPhone and back up everything or update. grrrr.

What's even worse here is... I need to get a new computer before the iPhone 5 because I need a way to back up my iPhone before I get a new one! Just one thing after another I swear!

I love these little planners... need one for 2013!

 Jimmy Choo fragrance
Obsessed with this fragrance! Oh my word... it smells amazing! When I first sniffed this in my mag, I immediately rubbed it all on me. Ha! I think I was in my pjs in bed... but I really didn't care. It's much pricier than my Armani Code. But maybe one day I'll splurge and treat myself!

Bubble Necklace
Pretty sure I'm the last girl in the universe to not have a bubble necklace. I'm always a little late on the fashion train though... oh well, I still need one!

Boston Terrier
This will remain on my list every year until I finally get one... just look at my sweet little Sophie when we first got her! I just want to pick her up and squeeze her!!

Embroidery Machine
aka something to monogram everything I own - while also monogramming for others and making that $! "a dolla makes me holla!" - Honey BooBoo

 This Top
Not sure where it is from but I am in looovve. Pat on the back, two thumbs up and I love you forever to whoever can find it?!


 Leopard flats
I saw some at Target the other day... but they didn't feel too comfortable. I may need to get some that are a little better brand. However, this trend may only last a season so Target could be the way to go!

That's all for now! I'm sure I'll have more soon!


{WILW} fall loves, wants, needs

I do believe fall has finally made it's little way to Charleston! This weather has been fantastic and I am just hoping it is here to stay... and that the mosquitos go away! (didn't really mean to rhyme there)

To me... this is one perfect fall outfit. I need some new skinnys now!

I need some black skinnys and a chambray top too..

This ring... love! It would match my cross necklace, only it has added bling :)

These shoes... I would wear ALL THE TIME!

Kris Kardashian's iPhone case

or how about this one?

The pink may suit me better!

How cool is this Michael Kors wristlet?


And of course... all things pumpkin are on my list right now. What are your favorites? Any good fall candles/baked goods recipes I need to know about?
Onto other important news... who is excited to watch Britney on XFactor tomorrow night?!


Watched her on Ellen today... but what made Ellen even better is this:

LOVE Rosie & Sophia Grace!!  They make me want my kids to have british accents!


Celebrity wedding in Charleston!

As many of you may know, these two were married right here in Charleston (Mt. Pleasant to be exact) last night at Boone Hall Plantation on the Cotton Docks!

Some of you may remember Boone Hall Plantation...

Yep, where we had our engagement pics taken and my bridal portraits. I feel so special now!

 The Cotton Docks

I'd like to imagine Blake took some photos in this same place..

hehe :)

I am so excited to see their wedding featured in Martha Stewart Weddings!! It will make me want to have another wedding all over again... 

Maybe we will have to renew vows and have a party at our 10 year :)

Coincidentally we are having dinner this weekend for restaurant week in BOTH restaurants Blake and Ryan ate at last week. SNOB (Slightly North of Broad) and Poogan's Porch. NOT planned, but now I'm super thrilled! Just makes it exciting :)

PS. Who has played with the app iSwap photo?? I did... and I'm so creeped out right now, but can't stop laughing!!!

HAHAHA... this is SO disturbing.


Weekend in the ATL

One of the most exhausting weekends of all time I think!

I've come to realize that I am well... getting OLD. One day of tailgating and I am DONE! For the remainder of the weekend might I add... it's Tuesday and I'm still exhausted!

We left Friday night and went to Atlanta, got up EARLY to get down to the Georgia Dome to tailgate for the Auburn/Clemson game. Let me remind you it was a 7 pm game. We began tailgating around 11. WHY?!

It is however, always a great excuse to get a new outfit. I was pretty excited about mine because I had looked for lacey shorts all summer and finally found some at Marshalls!

Pre ridiculous sweating...

After the game we drove out to the lake where the rest of the fam had been all day. We had a great little Sunday drinking margaritas and floating out in the water!

Great view to wake up to!

So sad we only made it to the lake this one time all summer!!

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about making some gameday apps on Saturday and watching the game from my comfy couch, in the air condition, with a glass of perfectly chilled wine (courtesy of le wine fridge) and a magazine. Does this make me old??

Well, it's almost my bedtime... another sign of being old. Oh well, I'm embracing it! Tootles!