Brooke's Birthday/Christmas Wish list!

Ok so I am sure I will be adding to this before Christmas! However, my birthday is in November so I thought I'd go ahead and get crackin on a list.
Not that I expect much at all... but I still always have a list!
I realize some of these are large/expensive items... that is why it is a WISH list. Not a "will you buy this" list.
A new pair of Seven's
I need a pair to hem to a legnth for flats.

Tablet of some sort
I have not decided if I want a Nook, Nook Color, Kindle, or Kindle Fire. Any suggestions would be very helpful! I feel like this is just easier to take books with me on the go... also, I don't have to go to the store to get a book. I can just buy it on my Nook/Kindle! I can also get library books... which is a plus since I never want to drive all the way to the library (combination of my laziness and Mt. Pleasant traffic/construction). And also... everytime I go into Barnes & Noble I just peruse the cute cases. Last night I found a gold glitter one at Marshalls.... GLITTER!!

A New Mac
My current Mac is from 2006. Got it when I graduated college. It's slowly dying and losing memory so I constantly have to back up on my external hard drive! Not to mention my Creative Suite programs run slow because of this making it harder to work on design projects. Oh, and it's too old to upgrade iTunes, therefore I cannot sync my iPhone and back up everything or update. grrrr.

What's even worse here is... I need to get a new computer before the iPhone 5 because I need a way to back up my iPhone before I get a new one! Just one thing after another I swear!

I love these little planners... need one for 2013!

 Jimmy Choo fragrance
Obsessed with this fragrance! Oh my word... it smells amazing! When I first sniffed this in my mag, I immediately rubbed it all on me. Ha! I think I was in my pjs in bed... but I really didn't care. It's much pricier than my Armani Code. But maybe one day I'll splurge and treat myself!

Bubble Necklace
Pretty sure I'm the last girl in the universe to not have a bubble necklace. I'm always a little late on the fashion train though... oh well, I still need one!

Boston Terrier
This will remain on my list every year until I finally get one... just look at my sweet little Sophie when we first got her! I just want to pick her up and squeeze her!!

Embroidery Machine
aka something to monogram everything I own - while also monogramming for others and making that $! "a dolla makes me holla!" - Honey BooBoo

 This Top
Not sure where it is from but I am in looovve. Pat on the back, two thumbs up and I love you forever to whoever can find it?!


 Leopard flats
I saw some at Target the other day... but they didn't feel too comfortable. I may need to get some that are a little better brand. However, this trend may only last a season so Target could be the way to go!

That's all for now! I'm sure I'll have more soon!


  1. Girl, I have to share a few cheapy finds that you might can appreciate...my local TJMaxx had some 7's today for only 24.99! Go to sentiments.com for your perfume and buy the 'tester' so much cheaper :) And it is totally legit. I just got the Versace Bright Crystal! LOVE!

  2. I have a Nook Color and love it! I thought I would't like it because its not like a real book..wrong. Now I feel weird actually reading a real book. My only issues with it are its hard to see in the sun (like laying out by the pool) and I thought the "fake" books would be cheaper, and some are, but most are only about $2 cheaper than the real deal. But I still wouldn't trade it. Good luck with your WISH list. :) love it!

  3. Love that you've got your list together already! (I'm the same way!) You've got some great things on here though...also I have just the normal Kindle and I love it because the screen isn't a computer screen so I feel like it's easier on my eyes :)

  4. Love your list! I'm also a new follower! Stop by and say hello! If you follow back you can enter to win a $25 Mary Kay credit! Hope you will!


  5. Omg what a cuuuuute puppy! A puppy is ALWAYS on every single wishlist of mine ever lol! I have a nook color and love it! What I like about it over the kindle is that you can read epub files on their, which I can usually find and download online for free, if I know where to look ;) Also, it's always a good idea to look into what kinda of reader files your library offers..my old one only had books that could be downloaded on the nook, but my new library only has ones for kindles :/ just some stuff to consider..both are great options though!!

  6. That's an adorable top that you have on your list! Well, everything is adorable on your list.

  7. I have the Nook Tablet and LOVE it to death! My husband and I watch movies and tv shows on Netflix on it when we are out of town. And, of course, I read on it and use the internet as well. I would highly recommend it!

  8. Okay...great minds always run together...saw those cute leopard flats last night at Dillards...exact same ones...I'm in love with smoking shoes..haha..so want them too! Happy you have given me lots of ideas for birthday and Christmas presents. Talked a long time to the girl and B&N about the best tablet...go there and talk to them..they are very helpful and can give pros and cons of both brands!! *luv* ~mama

  9. Cute cute!! Check out GroopDealz for the bubble necklace. I have a mini one that was like $9! Its a site that is similar to Groupon.

    Ditto on the leopard.. not sure.. And check old Navy for chambray! Personally, I'm not a huge fan of my Kindle Fire. I have an Iphone, so I don't really need all of the features of the fire, I am dying to trade it in for the old school kindle, but am too lazy to figure out all of that!!

    have a good weekend!

  10. We have a really cute shop here in Charlotte called Vestique and that's where I got my bubble necklace (orange for Auburn!) for $40! They have every color (including garnet and black for Carolina) and I think you can order online...here's the website:


    Also, I got a Chambray top at Nordstrom in the Teen department (BP section) and I absolutely love it! I got it a few weeks ago, but I'm sure they still have them. I think it was less than $40 too!

    Love those flats, super cute :)

  11. we love our kindle fire, but if your an apple person, you may want to hold out. Apple is supposed to unveil their mini ipad in October. supposed to be around $250, and it's made to compete with all the e-readers out there.

  12. I found some leopard flats at Marshall's for $30. They were like a weird brand - Bjorn or something but crazy comfy! I am so going back to get them.

    Also, I completely recommend the Nook Glow. I have had a Kindle Fire and while it's kind of cool bc it's similar to an iPad it was super slow and you can't read outside. I know you like the beach so I would think being able to read outside would be a big pro! I love love the nook. B&N is just easier to work with and the Glow is a must so I can read in bed AND outside. Also, if you go to amazon you can get a case super cheap. I got mine for $5 and it's a leather one. :)

  13. Sweet little pup! Ours is named Sophie, too! Beginning to brainstorm my birthday and Christmas list, as well, and oddly many of your things appear on mine. TOMS has a new pair of leopard ballerina flats, but sadly, they are a little out of the price range, so Target may be a good option!

  14. The adorable top is from anthropology :) I hope you can find it!

  15. If you type "bubble necklace" into eBay you can find them in any color for cheap!

  16. Just found your blog through Fried Pink Tomato & absolutely love it!! I might have to start putting together my birthday & Christmas wish list together now to... :)



  17. i am so with you on all of these items! just picked up a lilly jumbo agenda, and it makes organization so much fun :) also, look up the bubble necklaces on ebay- you can get one identical to the jcrew style for about $11 shipped! new follower :)

  18. I believed the "fake" guides would be less expensive, and some are, but most are only
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    buying runescape gold expensive than genuine. But I still wouldn't business it. Best of fortune with your WISH record. :) really like it!