Celebrity wedding in Charleston!

As many of you may know, these two were married right here in Charleston (Mt. Pleasant to be exact) last night at Boone Hall Plantation on the Cotton Docks!

Some of you may remember Boone Hall Plantation...

Yep, where we had our engagement pics taken and my bridal portraits. I feel so special now!

 The Cotton Docks

I'd like to imagine Blake took some photos in this same place..

hehe :)

I am so excited to see their wedding featured in Martha Stewart Weddings!! It will make me want to have another wedding all over again... 

Maybe we will have to renew vows and have a party at our 10 year :)

Coincidentally we are having dinner this weekend for restaurant week in BOTH restaurants Blake and Ryan ate at last week. SNOB (Slightly North of Broad) and Poogan's Porch. NOT planned, but now I'm super thrilled! Just makes it exciting :)

PS. Who has played with the app iSwap photo?? I did... and I'm so creeped out right now, but can't stop laughing!!!

HAHAHA... this is SO disturbing.


  1. That is a creepy picture! haha!!

  2. I am also excited to see their wedding featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.

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