Weekend in the ATL

One of the most exhausting weekends of all time I think!

I've come to realize that I am well... getting OLD. One day of tailgating and I am DONE! For the remainder of the weekend might I add... it's Tuesday and I'm still exhausted!

We left Friday night and went to Atlanta, got up EARLY to get down to the Georgia Dome to tailgate for the Auburn/Clemson game. Let me remind you it was a 7 pm game. We began tailgating around 11. WHY?!

It is however, always a great excuse to get a new outfit. I was pretty excited about mine because I had looked for lacey shorts all summer and finally found some at Marshalls!

Pre ridiculous sweating...

After the game we drove out to the lake where the rest of the fam had been all day. We had a great little Sunday drinking margaritas and floating out in the water!

Great view to wake up to!

So sad we only made it to the lake this one time all summer!!

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about making some gameday apps on Saturday and watching the game from my comfy couch, in the air condition, with a glass of perfectly chilled wine (courtesy of le wine fridge) and a magazine. Does this make me old??

Well, it's almost my bedtime... another sign of being old. Oh well, I'm embracing it! Tootles!


  1. How fun! Probably the last weekend to enjoy the lake. Looks like a wonderful weekend house boating!


  2. I love the lake more than life itself!

  3. Love the shorts! The whole outfit was presh - I can say that even though I'm a Georgia fan:)

  4. looks like such a wonderful time and I love your outfit! xo

  5. I'm an old lady at heart too and I don't mind one bit. I live getting a good nights sleep and having quiet nights at home. Those are the cutest shirts I've ever seen :) heading to Marshall's tomorrow!!

  6. Hi! New follower! I'm in Charleston as well - I love the name of your blog. www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  7. Where are you getting all these pretty tops at? I love the navy one here and then the one you wore in Hilton Head! I've been on a mad hunt for blouses like that :-)