Our Wedding Part One :: Before the Ceremony

Woohoo! I finally get to put up my wedding photos... but they are coming in 3 parts (or more!). There are just so many great ones! This will just be before the ceremony photos..
By far the greatest day of my life and I want to do it all over again! (minus the stressful parts)

Garters... LOVED them. Found them on Etsy!
Totes for the bridesmaids!
Sixpence for luck
In love with the hangers - I put the girls names on them with pink bows :)
Clutch purses I made for the bridesmaids... LOVE this material

 My dress was Allure Bridals Style 8808 - if anyone was wondering... I loved it!

Bridesmaid dresses are Lula Kate - color is Paradise

 This nice man that lives across from the church (in a gorgeous home might I add) let us take pictures on his porch! SO nice of him!
 My sweet flower girl, Sophie!
 my parents

Handsome groomsmen!

 Best little ring bearer :)

Yep, made the programs too!
I'll post ceremony pics Monday :) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are headed to Auburn for one of Brice's friends 30th birthdays - War Eagle! But I REALLY am pulling for my Gamecocks this weekend... big game against Georgia! If we win I will just be the happiest girl in the world!


  1. Oh my goodness, these photos are beautiful! Every detail is perfect, and I love how you did your hair! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Gorgeous wedding pictures! you look stunning. I love all of your hand touched details, too. Congrats on the nuptials!

  3. You look stunning. I am LOVING all the little details so far. I can't wait to see more wedding posts.

  4. Great pics! That man must love that he lives across from First Baptist. He invited my friends Jenny & Dan to take pics in his backyard after their wedding. :) I love the details of your programs and the clutches!

  5. I adore your wedding photos! My friend is looking for teal-ish bridesmaid dresses and I told her to check yours out! I also love your flowers! Can't wait to see more! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! Your dress is gorgeous. Cant wait to see more pics! Congrats.

  7. Looks like a wonderful day!

    I love the color of the brides maids dresses, so pretty!


  8. Love all the Southern touches! That ringbearer is adorable!!!

  9. Love them!!! What a beautiful wedding! Now I REALLY can't wait to see my wedding photos!! Ahhh!

  10. OMG. Your wedding was gorgeous! I love these pictures. Your dress was beautiful.

    I would love for you to check out my latest outfit post.

  11. What a fabulous wedding! Congrats! I am loving those programs you made!

  12. That's an awesome concept! Not only did the colors complement each other but it also emphasized the beautiful bride! Also, the bridesmaids looked so beautiful in green!

    Kelli  Mueller

  13. You absolutely look stunning and beautiful on your wedding dress, Brooke. The photo with your bridesmaids is what I love the most because you really stood out there. Nevertheless, the girls looked fabulous. I like the color of their dresses – oh so lovely and sexy! :) Mind if I ask you how long did you prepare for your wedding? Everything was all set and turned out fantastically!

  14. Wedding photographs are really one of a kind. Each photograph has its meaningful story. It really is my pleasure to compliment on how gorgeous you are! You look divine in that wedding dress. I wish you all the best!

  15. Super stunning Wedding dresses, wanted it from the moment I saw it.