Our Wedding :: The Reception

The last and final wedding album!!
The Reception... LOVED our reception spot. It was so perfect, it had a fancy flair to it but it was on the harbor and was right by the Ravenel bridge with a gorgeous view! I'm probably posting too many pics, so if you don't care to look at them all you can find them on The Wedding Row!
We were lucky enough to be chosen to be featured on one of my absolute favorite wedding websites.
HERE is the link to our post.
 First dance!
 Dance with my Daddy

My mom made the wedding cake!! She also hand sculpted those roses out of gum paste. I mean really. And somebody actually tried to EAT one. Seriously? Those are for the china cabinet to keep FOREVER!
Brice's grooms cake that was supposed to have Toomers Tree I made for him on it... it was too heavy and fell over #groomscakefail

Grits bags! I designed the stamp and had it made into a stamp!

Wobble Wobble...

 In LOVE with this photo!


Loved our car!!
That is all... hope you enjoyed. I seriously still look at them everyday. I have no clue how I am supposed to choose for an album. They will be framed EVERYWHERE as well.
If anyone needs help with their own wedding I am here to assist! I actually miss it!


  1. Looks like a great reception. All of the little details are perfect. Love the get away car!

  2. I love all your wedding pics! And all the ones on the website are gorgeous too:))

  3. Beautifully stunning. You had an amazing wedding

  4. Absoluely beautiful pictures.

  5. Stunning pictures and how cute was your car! Love your dress. xx

  6. The photos of wedding reception are wonderful stills. The decoration and arrangements for the wedding reception are super one. To make the wedding resources ready and also planning the wedding easily. The engaged people need a wedding app to fulfill the needs.

  7. No wonder why you were featured on theweddingrow.com – the wedding was just beautiful! The reception area was the real main event! I mean, it’s just so inviting for those sweet, must-treasured moments. Congratulation Brook and Brice! =)

  8. Your wedding was beautiful! Where did you have the grits bags made and designed? They are adorable. I would love to do that for my wedding!

  9. Just came across your blog! What a beautiful reception... but I saw the cake and I have to give you a ROLL TIDE;)

    Going to catch up some more on your fabulous blog!

  10. Hi Brooke! Your wedding is so magical! Every detail is just so perfect for the event, and the photos are beautiful. I love your car too. You guys look so cute in there. :)

  11. A wedding venue with a gorgeous view? That is absolutely perfect! And I must say that your wedding is quite lovely. You can tell by the pictures that everyone was happy and having loads of fun, especially you and your hubby! Anyways, congratulations and have a happy marriage!

  12. Hi Brooke, just came across your blog while googling pics of Harborside East! Absolutely stunning! I really love the venue (atleast from pics) and was wondering if you had any info that may be helpful to me as far as the reception venue goes? Easy to work with, pricey?, venue restrictions, etc. . Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Kelli