And the Worst Blogger Award goes to.... ME!

I'm pretty sure at this point I am the worlds worst blogger. I don't even remember the last post I did, nor do I even feel like looking to see. I'm scared to be honest with you. Several reasons for my slackness:
1) Not enough hours in the day... work, come home, cook dinner, run errands, do laundry, clean because I am a clean freak, finishing up Thank You notes (I really am... awful I know) etc etc...
2) The desk where my computer goes is where I work best, however it has become a magnet for all clutter. Ever since the wedding. It gets worse and worse... Cleaned it off last night (yay!) Then looked across the room and now that side is completely cluttered. I have no where to put stuff! And it is making me feel somewhat like a hoarder.
3) And to be honest with you, what it really comes down to is well, my computer sucks. It is slowly creeping to it's death little by little. It's 6 years old... ancient in computer years. LOVE my little macbook but it is so frustrating. It is slow... needs more memory... etc etc.
So it's really unmotivating to get anything accomplished when I am constantly dealing with a slow computer and finding free time. I am going to try and do better. New Years Resolution!!
So let's just skip ahead from anything that I have missed and start talking about Christmas!

I started some decorating...

We went to Atlanta this past weekend - I FINALLY got to go to the game ranch! LOVE animals.

Later that night we had the annual Glenn/Sprayberry Christmas party - guess what? Santa came!

We told him what we wanted for Christmas... 

Brooke: a new house & french bulldog puppy
Brice: Center console Sea Ray

HAA! Hope Santa delivers... probably won't be able to make those happen. He have big dreams :)

On another note... Christmas came a little early for me in the last week! My mom just bought me one of these babies... a Silhouette Machine.

Can't wait to start making stuff! Craft time is in my future.

Also, my grandma bought tickets to go see....

CARRIE!!! Yes, it is happening! Now, if only I can figure out how to meet her. But then I'll be so nervous I won't know what to say - eek. I would be so awkward.

The concert isn't until April but you know... it's never too early to start planning my outfit... will start that January 1.

That is all for now! Heading back to Atlanta this weekend for a wedding and then we have THREE Christmas parties next week! Let the festivities begin!