Nashville Trip!

Nashville is one awesome city! We had such a great trip and I didn't even get to see everything I wanted to see. You really need about 4 days. First off, the flight from Charleston to Nashville is a PIECE OF CAKE! I couldn't even get through my new mag before we were landing. And the other plus? We got drinks and snacks on our flight anyways!
I'd also like to add a tidbit to anyone going through the Charleston airport... BEWARE of hair extensions... those little metal clips set off that darn metal detector and the lady had to pat me down... I mean really, like I could hide something in my HAIR! Then, my little tire pressure checker made them search my entire purse. Awful. Seriously, I am glad they are concerned and it makes me feel safe... but people, do I look like much of a threat?! Anyways... I got through it after taking off my coat, boots, scarf, stacks of bracelets, earrings... the worst is flying in the winter. Too many layers to remove.
We took a what is supposed to be a family oriented boat cruise through the Grand Ole Opry Hotel and turned it into a booze cruise... that's about right...
The Grand Ole Opry! I imagined it different. I guess less "70's looking" The Gospel Awards were being held so it was closed... we couldn't tour. :(
Inside the Grand Ole Opry Hotel... we just visited for a bit since it was next door to the Grand Ole Opry. This place is GINORMOUS! No joke, it's like a Vegas hotel. No, I haven't been to Vegas, but this is what I imagine them to be like.
Carrie!! Right up front!

 Anna and I insisted on getting our Si cups from Bass Pro Shops! Love us some Duck Dynasty!
Posing with Elvis. I thought this was some famous statue or something... nope, they are everywhere on Broadway!
Broadway!! Love LOVE this place

Saturday night was the first hockey game... Carrie was in there! So close yet so far away!!!
We sang at Lonnie's but I didn't get any pics really! We definitely all 4 sang "Pontoon"!
We had dinner Sunday night at Whiskey Kitchen. It was delicious! We heard it's a hot spot for seeing some celebs... however, we saw none. Of course. Because that is my luck.

Sunday we toured the Ryman! Ahhh this place gave me chills, it was awesome. We got to take the backstage tour and go in the dressing rooms but weren't allowed to take pictures in there. Such an awesome place, so much history!
View from the stage!!
Dolly Parton wore this when she was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry!
 Johnny & June! Their outfits from June's first appearance on the Johnny Cash Show!
In fact... here is a video of it!

I can't wait to go back... I've requested that for my 30th birthday :) We will see if it happens!


Clearly, I have a lot going on.

Oh, hello! Apologizing yet again for my lack of blogging! It has been over a month now... awful!! I even tried to set a New Years resolution to blog once a week. Immediate FAIL. I should have known better!
So what's been going on in my life? Let's start with some Christmas pics...
Company Christmas parties... 

Eggnog parties...

 Girls Christmas parties...

Friend's Christmas parties that start out classy and end up as a Frat party...

Mustaches always seem to make an appearance...

Then there is Christmas... we traveled to my parents in Columbia, stayed for 2 nights and then headed to Atlanta for 2 nights. We left EARLY Christmas morning for Columbia and then had to be back in Charleston that night. Ahhhh long car rides... I loathe.

We actually exchanged gifts before leaving town. Love our new shoes! I got Brice a pair of Ariat boots and he got me a pair of Tory Burch flats. LOVE LOVE!!

Cousins... Lola & Sophie :) Our family clearly has an affinity for flat faces.. hehe

My first trip to Stone Mountain Park


Christmas Eve in our pajamas! It's a tradition... this year Brice got a shirt that said "You Serious Clark?" HAA! Best movie EVER.

Christmas Day

What are you staring at? Isn't my outfit BEAUTIFUL?!

New Years Eve!

New Years Eve we had dinner with Matt & Lauren at SNOB. Then of course watched bowl games before heading home for a champagne toast and to watch the ball drop!

This weekend we had Jenny's Baby Shower - It's a GIRL!! Miss Sullivan Mae is going to be one spoiled little girl!

And on Saturday, we are going to NASHVILLE!!! I can hardly contain my excitement!! This is seriously the longest week EVER. I have never been to Nashville. But believe me - I already know I am in love with it.

Any recommendations for places to go would be appreciated! Any recommendations for a nice dinner? We are staying right off of Broadway so that we can walk to places. But we'd like to venture to other parts of town as well (we will have a car).

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!! Instagram will be overflowing... until my data gets to it's limit and I cannot post anymore... eek.