I'm Tired of Being Cold!

I am so over winter. OVER IT. I'm tired of being cold, pale, wanting to hibernate, no motivation to work out, dry skin, runny nose, cough, dead trees, no pretty flowers, brown grass... ugh. I am so so so ready for SPRING! I want 70-80 degree temps, flowers, birds, sundresses, tan skin (even if it has to start out from a bottle) green grass - I am even ready for some pollen dangit! Ok maybe not... but when that starts it just lets me know that spring is here!
The daily or multiple daily e-mails that Lilly Pulitzer sends me doesn't help either. I've already picked out a couple of my favs:

The Julianna Dress (I love how it looks like two pieces)
 Or really anything from Lilly. If the Lilly Pulitzer corporate office was in Charleston... you bet I'd have a job there. Bright happy colors every single day!

Pinterest doesn't help either... check out this cocktail, sounds so refreshing!

Blend chilled watermelon with coconut water, fresh lime, and mint. Yum!

 A few pins I've drooled over...

Also... some J Crew finds. Did anyone else know that J Crew Outlet is online? I didn't know this, so happy to now know about this!

These neon pink 3" chino shorts are at the top of my list. (They are so much brighter in person)

I also am in love with the aqua

Best part? They are currently on sale for $27.50 - just in time for spring!

I have to stop looking at all of this! Hurry up spring!!


  1. I am with you - so over the cold winter and ready for spring!

  2. I'm with you. I'm over the cold AND rain. February is the WORST.

  3. Seriously, me too. I like being able to leave the house in flip flops!!

  4. I am also tired of the cold!! Hopefully it will warm up after next week. I am also a Charleston blogger and just started following you :)


  5. i loved the juilanna dress until i saw it in store! hate that they have the word "lilly" sporadically placed through the striped print!

  6. and as I read this post almost a month later, anddd after spring has started, it is still cold!! and Lilly's emails are about to get the best of me as well. They seem to come every day or twice a day right at the very moment I am thinking about how dreary it looks outside and ready I am for summer to be here...

  7. I think they will look much better in person than in the picture. I find mens leather jackets on cwmalls.com feel softer than I expected, comfortable and stylish.

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