ATL weekend in review

This past weekend we went to Atlanta to celebrate Brice's 30th birthday! It was also his dad's birthday on March 10th (he and Carrie share the same b-day) so we had a joint celebration!
It was great having a 3 day weekend. We used Friday, Brice's actual birthday, to do a couple things I've never been able to do in Atlanta. We first had lunch at The Varsity
I'm pretty sure if I lived in Atlanta I'd get a frosted orange AT LEAST once a week. AT LEAST.
We then headed to the World of Coca-Cola where I learned about the history and well, most importantly got to sit on the couch where Carrie sat on American Idol in the red room!
CARRIE SAT THERE. How creepy am I??
Oh, found a pic!
We went to Capital Grille Friday night. It was delicious! They gave us complimentary champagne and a every girl gets a rose. How nice! But here's a tip... SPLIT YOUR MEAL. We were miserably stuffed and I had what I felt like most of my meal left on my plate. But you seriously have to get the lobster mac n cheese. AMAZING!
Saturday we had our "surprise" birthday party for Brice and his dad. They had no clue what we had planned. First of all... I made this button for Brice to wear :)
When he was a baby he was like a little block. His mom called him "sturdy". HA! But seriously, wasn't he such a little cutie?!
We got mexican food for dinner and gave them their tickets to go to the Fox to see The Million Dollar Quartet. It's a broadway musical with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins & Johnny Cash. It was really good! I highly recommend it.

Happy Birthday Brice!