Spring? Is it really Easter?

Spring... WHERE ARE YOU?! You came in January and then you left again. It is March... it's time to come back. How about the fact that it's also Easter weekend and we still have brown grass. This is just ridiculous.
However, I still plan to wear Lilly. I will just have to put a sweater on and deal with my cold, pasty legs. yuck.
In other news... I got a haircut! It feels awesome. We cut a couple of inches off and got a little side bang going. Let's be honest, as much as I love long hair my hair is not made to be long. That is what extensions are for.
I also just purchased this little dress that I am in love with! I have a wedding at the end of April and I think this will be just perfect.
How cute is that bow?! I'll definitely need a spray tan. You can buy this dress HERE Only $39, shipping was $5 and I had it in 3 days.  Awesome! This dress also comes in solid colors and they have a sleeveless top with the bow in the back. I want them all.
Oh, I almost forgot I have some new fav products.
New favorite lipgloss! NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair 
Only $5.99 at Ulta.
This has replaced my Too Faced glamour gloss ($19). It goes on so smooth and it isn't sticky. Love LOVE! I need to go get more colors.
This stuff is awesome. It's SO good for you and you can use it for so many different things! I use it as a moisturizer (yes, face and body), lip balm, cuticle cream, eye makeup remover,and you can even use it for cooking. I put a little bit in my oatmeal this morning and it gave a nice little subtle coconut flavor that I loved! (It's a metabolism booster - yes!) Oh, and it can even be used on your hair for deep conditioning. This is a miracle product. Check out this article on Lululemon.
So ready to be home this weekend to see my family and this precious little face
Sweet Sophie Annabella!
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


  1. I love your hair, so cute! And I am a HUGE fan of coconut oil, it's so good for you! But just FYI the Trader Joe's brand has a much more pronounced coconut flavor, which can be good or bad depending on what you're using it for...if you want to use it for cooking in more savory dishes in place of butter or other types of oils, I'd recommend a brand called Spectrum as it's less coconut-y :)

  2. Your haircut is precious! I'm going tomorrow morning for highlights and cut and I may show this photo, so thank you! I am in the same boat, my hair wasn't meant to be long...bummer!

  3. This is completely off topic, but I'm just going to post it here anyway. Love your blog, but I'm on Instagram far more than I browse the web. Do you have an IG account that you post to also?

  4. I think Spring has stopped in Charleston for the day today, wish it would stick around! Great haircut!

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  7. You are gorgeous and the hair cut looks great. No extensions needed AT ALL. EVER. I use coconut oil for everything, perfect healthy alternative.


  8. Your hair looks amazing! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

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